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CEP-Sintra beefing up its Structural and Civil Engineering TeamCEP-Sintra is pleased to welcome Frédérick Beaucage, P.Eng., Stéphane Millette, P.Eng. and Farhan Ibrahim, EIT, all three Structural and Civil Engineering Forensic experts in the Ontario offices. Aligned with the company's growth initiatives and in order to meet the increasing demand of its clientele in both the Ottawa and GTA area, CEP-Sintra has taken action to strengthen its Structural and Civil Ontario team.

Technical bulletins

Early failure of cabinetry: Is it always the user's fault?Whether it is kitchens or bathrooms, we have all experienced or heard of damages to cabinets linked to humidity. As an example, let's just consider cabinet panels that swell or coating shell (veneer or thermoplastic) that delaminates. This type of degradation usually occurs as a result of long term usage, when the cabinetry components "get old". However, there are many cases where this type of millwork suffers from premature degradation. For instance, when similar damages are visible over multiple units of a building/condominium, it seems obvious that they are not independent and isolated cases.