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CEP Sintra Opens Waterloo Regional OfficeJuly 2018 - CEP Sintra is proud to announce the opening of our newest office in Kitchener-Waterloo. This new office is being headed by Paul Gullekson, P.Eng., who brings his extensive Collision Reconstruction experience to the region, adding to the compliment of Structural, Fire and Failure engineers already in the region. The launch of the full-service Waterloo office increases the reach of CEP Sintra's team throughout Southern Ontario, allowing greater coverage and increased availability in the area. Paul will be available to complete collision investigations, and will coordinate a variety of loss investigations, including fire, property and structural investigations.

Technical bulletins

Humidity in your basement: could it be your foundation drain?Do you notice excessive moisture in your basement in the form of water infiltration or the appearance of molds or whitish marks at the bottom of your foundation walls? The foundation drain could be the cause! Humidity problems in basements are more common than one might think. When basements are used as living space, a problem of excessive humidity can quickly become an irritant and cause significant health problems.